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International Law Case Briefs From Other Sources
American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co.      
Antares Aircraft, L.P. v. Federal Republic of Nigeria      
Banco Nacional de Cuba v. Sabbatino      
Breard v. Greene, The Republic of Paraguay v. Gilmore      
Case Concerning Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Uganda)      
Case Avena and Other Mexican Nationals        
Case Concerning Military and Paramilitary Activities in and Against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. United States)      
Case Concerning Questions of Interpretation and Application of the 1971 Montreal Convention Arising from the Aerial Incident at Lockerbie (Libya v. United States)      
Case Concerning the Territorial DisputeChad-Libya and the Aouzou Strip      
Dames & Moore v. Regan      
Filartiga v. Pena-Irala      
Germany v. United States      
Greek-Turkish Cypriot Dispute      
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. v. California      
Legality of the Use of Force Application of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia v. Belgium)      
Medellin v. Dretke      
Mexico v. United States of America        
North Sea Continental Shelf Cases (Federal Republic of Germany/Denmark and Netherlands)      
Re Wood Pulp      
Republic of Argentina v. Weltover, Inc.      
Ruling Pertaining to the Difference Between France and New Zealand Arising from the Rainbow Warrior Affair      
Saudi Arabia v. Nelson      
Tel-Oren v. Libyan Arab Republic      
The Corfu Channel Case (United Kingdom v. Albania)      
The Paqutette Habana      
The S.S. Lotus Case      
The Schooner Exchange v. McFaddon      
Timberlane Lumber Co. v. Bank of America      
United States of America v. Palestine Liberation Organization      
United States v. Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa)      
W.S. Kirkpatrick and Co. v. Environmental Tectonics Corp., International      



International Law Case Briefs
The Paquette Habana